Who makes the most reliable excavators?

Caterpillar has been the most reliable machine for excavation if we look at the data and the performance of all the machines. While Komatsu, Hitachi and Sumitomo are close competitors worldwide, CAT is the overall champion. CAT is an American company but ’Made in Japan’ CAT machines see very high demand in the market.

According to the data of a popular heavy equipment website, 32% of their American customers are interested in CAT excavators. Other popular brands in the USA are Komatsu (12%), Hitachi (10%),  Doosan (9%), Volvo and Komatsu. In the Nordic and Baltic region, used excavators of Volvo have the most appeal among the consumers.

What’s so special about CAT?


Replacement components are easy to come by when you buy a Cat machine. Caterpillar manufactures and stores replacement components, allowing you to quickly locate and buy new parts as needed. Cat.com is a website dedicated to cats. Instead of relying on a supplier, you may get your Cat components straight from the manufacturer. Parts.cat.com allows you to order parts directly from CAT. This way, you can avoid your local store if you want to. One of the most significant advantages of purchasing Cat heavy equipment is having access to a global dealer network. With a Cat dealer on your side, you can easily get the assistance you require to select the ideal piece of machinery and make a purchase.

Fuel Savings

CAT works with five areas that consume fuel to minimize consumption. These are engine, pumps, valves, fuel management and technology. Emission solution technology helps with fuel efficiency in all kinds of environments. The pumps are known as the hearts of the hydraulic system. These are placed in a way that allows maximum displacement which keeps the engine speed low. The extra saving of fuel goes to the ground to take care of your job. The main valve is regarded as the brain of a hydraulic system. The oil is circulated at the right time at the right place. One touch idle, low power mode, engine idle management – all of these help you to find a good balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

CAT grade control and CAT payload system are their in-built technologies to further minimize oil consumption.

Fuel consumption is reduced by 15% when compared to previous D2 Series excavators. The proven electro-hydraulic system, which is also used in the Next Generation excavator platform introduced in 2018, is a key enabler for this reduction. GRADE technologies increase operator efficiency while reducing idle time and fuel consumption. PAYLOAD, like Caterpillar Production Measurement, increases output, decreases idle time, lowers fuel consumption, and increases operator efficiencies.

Cab Design

A new combined transmission and hoist lever inside the cab provides operators with efficient single-lever control over truck speed and body hoisting functions, reducing operator effort and automating repetitive operations. Operators can switch between manual and fully automatic assisted hoisting control, which applies the Waiting Brake, puts the transmission in neutral, and hoists the body to maximum angle at high RPM.


Caterpillar unveiled their newest hydraulic excavators at an online media event for the Middle East in 2022. The new hydraulic excavators are notable for being significantly less expensive than their predecessors. CAT has been working on new technologies for more challenging operations. They have built the largest excavators in the world. Their ongoing research projects are in collaboration with universities and non-profit organisations.

Which country makes the most reliable excavator?

USA, Japan, Sweden and China are the most popular countries when it comes to sourcing of excavators. If we talk about equipment, Japan and Germany have always been the machine experts. In case of excavators, Japanese excavators enjoy the fame for being reliable and durable throughout its operational life. European machines in general tend to be of high quality with advanced features. But the machines cost a lot. Chinese machines are easy to buy. Those are affordable, easily available and simple to operate. But the new machines are better than the used ones. A Chinese giant, SANY has a large market share in this industry. Their equipment are regarded as easy buys but the durability of the machines are a matter of concern. If you’re looking for a good resale value, I’d urge you to invest in a ‘Made in Japan’ excavator. These things last.

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